Short Term Use Bin Contract

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Small Haul Waste Removal Ltd.

Terms and conditions for residential and commercial bin service

1. Our driver will deliver a 12 cubic yard bin to your site in a timely fashion.

The client shall ensure there is access and enough room to maneuver our equipment when placing and removing the bin. Our driver has the right to refuse delivery or emptying of the bin if he believes the conditions are unsafe. A trip charge of $50 will be levied if we come and are unable to access the bin.
The client shall also provide a piece of plywood for a driveway. If not provided, the client is solely responsible for any damage to said driveway.

2. We will empty, replace or remove the bin at your request in a timely fashion.

3. An invoice will be issued after the bin is emptied.

Cost is determined at $180 (plus possible fuel surcharge) plus dumping fees. Additional fees may be assessed if the following criteria is not met.

The client agrees to pay the invoice within 30 days of the invoice date by cash or cheque. No long term credit has been approved.

The client agrees to not overload the bin. Weight should not exceed 1500 kgs, and all material must be contained within the bin. Any loads over this weight limit will be charged a surcharge for weight stress on the equipment.

The client understands and agrees to only load the container with dry goods (no liquids, food waste, human or animal remains). No hazardous waste of any kind is permitted in the bin. The list of hazardous waste includes but is not limited to: paint, chemicals, batteries, light ballasts, PCBs, creosote, tires, propane tanks, Freon, etc. Other items not permitted are: loam, rocks, sand, gravel, asphalt, tar and gravel roofing material and grass clippings. We are monitored by the landfill operators as to what we can dump. Any items found in the load that do not meet the applicable federal or provincial laws will be deemed illegal to dump, and other arrangements will be made at the client’s cost.

Dated this _______________ day of _______________________, 2015

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